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Article: Gold, China, Depression and FedCoin



“FedCoin” is a term that appears to have been “coined” back in 2014 in an article by J.P. Koning’s observation that the Federal Reserve (or another central bank) would create its own cryptocurrency.

But it wasn’t just outside speculation. Central banks have been openly  and frequently talked about a FedCoin.  Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in 2019 he was studying “the costs and benefits of pursuing” digital currency, the New York Fed pushing it openly in Jan 2020 and House Democrats added into the first “stimulus” bill, a “digital dollar” and “digital wallet” “maintained by a Federal Reserve bank on behalf of any person”.  It was removed before being passed.

Forced lockdowns and closures of most physical stores and restaurants and the resulting shift to online purchasing would be expected to reduce cash transactions.  Yet mysteriously, 3 months after lockdown began, the Federal Reserve announced a SHORTAGE of coins.  Retail stores have for the most part punished cash customers by not paying change due, thereby nudging them to cash.

On Friday 7/31/2020’s show, David Knight explains how FedCoin is going to be used by the establishment.

“The government will use this to TRACK anything you buy to control WHAT you buy.  Remember “Operation Choke Point”?  That was the Obama administration’s backdoor attempt at gun control, putting pressure on banks and credit card companies to not do business with gun retailers and manufacturers”, said Knight.

A cashless society, with all money existing only electronically on the Federal Reserve’s ledger, will give them the instant ability to choke out certain businesses or to stop you from buying certain goods and services.  It will facilitate instantaneous prohibition of categories of goods or services.

It’s not just going to be guns.  Health care products or services could be blacklisted simply to favor BigPharma or a corporation’s competing product as we have already seen with hydroxychloroquine vs remdesavir.

Instantaneous confiscation of wealth without due process from individuals is a certainty considering the escalating trend of government bureaucracies claiming a violation of their “rules” is a “civil” matter, not criminal, and therefore not subject to the protections of the Bill of Rights.  With this legal fiction they ignore due process and impose excessive fines by pretending constitutional provisions only apply to  “laws”, not to “rules”.  Civil Asset Forfeiture is only one example of the power to steal without due process.

Then there’s the “global ID”.  When Zuckerberg made his case for his Libra coin, he tried to sell it to the establishment by saying it could create a de facto global ID.  He knows what they want. Cashless society and vaccines all comes back to a global ID.  One ID to track all their cattle — that’s you.  Tracking, identifying, and monitoring us and all our activities.

“As they criminalize everything black markets will be the only way to go.  If people like doctors and pastors don’t stand up for this we’ll be forced into an underground economy, underground church, underground healthcare.  I don’t want to see that happen but it’s going to require people to stand up to this”, concluded Knight.

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