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Article: USPS Had Been Preparing To Run Elections LONG BEFORE COVID



Just how long has the US post office been planning to run the 2020 election?  Is taking control of voting a response to the lockdown, or is the lockdown a pretense to give them control of voting?

The patent was filed Feb 7 — BEFORE any lockdown in US, BEFORE any talk of voting by mail because of a lockdown needlessly extended through the summer to election day.

They had obviously been working on this for some time BEFORE they filed the patent.  So why would they be planning to centralize the counting of votes in ALL elections, from top to bottom and across the country?  It’s another indication that the “virus” is just a MacGuffin being used to establish a technocracy, forcing every activity to be channeled through cyberspace that’s easily controlled and manipulated.

David Knight points out parallels to how the government used 9/11 to push through the draconian measures they had proposed only a few months before.  “Go back and look at the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA). MSEHPA was a model for states to give local bureaucrats powers to shut down everything for health reasons, which is what we’re living under right now.”

“MSEHPA was proposed a few months before 9/11, and they used the panic and fear around 9/11 to push the different states to authorize it.  In the annual simulations they ran for it, they had to enact every kind of draconian legislation and put out a vaccine quickly or everybody dies.  That’s how they’ve been training these people for years, they roll these things out in a longterm plan.  So the fact that the post office did this on February 7th doesn’t indicate that that wasn’t part of this COVID plan.  All this stuff goes back to 9/11, all these things like the cashless society and paperless elections.  Two false flags, one plan.”  explained Knight.

On 8/18/2020’s show, David Knight reports,  “One thing we should be concerned about is this patent from the US post office.  On February 7th they filed a patent for a blockchain-based voting system.  They’re going to control the election, they say they’re going to do it honestly through a secure blockchain system, but do you want the US postal service in control of this?  Both of their letter carrying unions are heavily Democrat because the Democrats say they’ll give them everything they want, including $120 billion more than we can afford in pensions.”

“I know a little about blockchain technology but I’m not an expert.  The problem is most people aren’t experts on this either, and you don’t know if this can be hacked or not.  I’ve talked to William Binney, who is an expert on hacking, he was the global technical head of the NSA for several decades.  He told me ‘if we want to get into anybody’s account we can, anyone’s account anywhere.  There isn’t any encryption that can keep us out.'”

“If you think you can vote electronically and it will be secure you need to look back at the history of electronic voting.  The first electronic voting company was the Smartmatic Corporation which was started by two friends of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  They have a long list of rigged elections in Venezuela and other Central and South American countries.  They were originally brought into the US, by republicans, to run the Republican primary in Utah.  And they’ve now changed hands a few times, it’s the shell game they use, they’ll say ‘it’s not us anymore, that wasn’t me.  We’ve got a totally different game and we’re now honest.'”

Knight concluded,  “But it doesn’t matter if it’s Smartmatic or some other system, you can see how easy it is to rig any of these electronic voting schemes.  They can rig every ballot from top to bottom and across the country, all from a central location electronically.”