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Article: Dem’s Plan To Use 20th Amend. To Overthrow Election



It’s not the vote that counts but who counts the votes. But what if the votes aren’t counted at all? Richard Proctor joins Knight to reveal how the Democrats could circumvent the election process entirely with some vaguely worded laws and a few tricks.

No one has any faith in the mail-in voting process. Could the Democrats take advantage of that, justifiable, doubt to enable Pelosi to appoint herself president?

On 9/25/2020’s show, David Knight reports, “One of the games the Democrats were playing last election cycle was their ‘National Popular Vote Interstate Compact’, where they said ‘We can win this if we just carry a few big states. If the popular vote, as it’s reported, goes to candidate A but our state voted for candidate B, we’ll throw out all those votes in our state.’ We’ve seen this time and again, the election would just go the way of California, Illinois, and New York. You could add in Florida and Texas then throw away everybody else’s votes.”

Knight continues, “Their new tactic is an anonymous statement to the mainstream media, allegedly from someone in the Whitehouse, saying, ‘maybe what they’ll do is have the electors appointed by the states.’ That would be different because that’s what’s actually in the Constitution, we’ve never done that before. That would really get everybody upset if we actually followed the Constitution.”

Proctor comments, “Yeah, article 2 paragraph 2, ‘each state shall appoint in such manner as they want to’. They have the power, that’s what the constitution says, the states have the power. And worse than that, we’re not using the electoral college properly at all. But we’re not going to change that in November, so we don’t need to worry, we can’t change what’s in place. I think that’s a smokescreen.”

Proctor continues, “The 20th Amendment says that the president must take office, or leave office, at noon the 20th of January. Then in section 3, it says ‘but if no one qualifies’… What? What does ‘qualify’ mean? That’s not defined. If no one qualifies by January the 20th then Congress is in charge and they will decide who will act as president.”

“Then it goes on to say that Congress will continue to decide who is acting as president until they think someone qualifies. So they control what ‘qualify’ means, they control who is going to be president, and we don’t get any say about it at all. Not one little bit. That’s even worse than the electoral college garbage.”

“This is a coup. This is a legal coup because the 20th amendment is a legal law. They’re using it by having mail-in ballots that they’re destroying, and by having states change their election date. Pennsylvania changed their election date from the 3rd to the 6th, they don’t have the power to change the election date, but they did. I see another state changing it to the 20th or the 30th of November, somebody else will decide to do December. Not enough time to count all the ballots. The 20th of January shows up and Congress takes over. Folks, that’s what I think is in store for us,” said Proctor. (see Proctor’s full article on the subject here:

Knight responded, “I agree. Everything they’re putting out there is creating an expectation. All the reports from the mainstream media are saying how Biden is favored to win the election, ‘look he’s at 75%, no, he’s at 80%’ and so forth. Remember four years ago, on October 18th, 2016 when the New York Times reported that Hillary had a 91% chance to win. On election day Reuters said Hillary had a 90% chance. They’re creating the expectation that everybody wants Biden and nobody wants Trump, same as they did four years ago. It didn’t work for them then, they would’ve rigged it if it had been close but it wasn’t so they were stuck.”

“This time they’re not going to have that happen again. So they’ve created all these narratives about the electoral college, narratives about how the military is going to have to throw him out of the Whitehouse. The real tactic, as you just pointed out, is the vote by mail. It’s more than fraud, it’s a delaying tactic,” Knight continues.

“The same articles saying that Trump won’t leave office are also criticizing him for when he says ‘we need a ninth justice because that’s going to come into play’. Why does he say that? Because the Democrats are always talking about lawfare. How they’re going to appeal and appeal and appeal. It’s eventually going to go to the Supreme Court where you’ll have to have an odd number of justices to get a resolution. They want to make sure there isn’t any resolution.”

“If they can delay it long enough they can use the 20th amendment to have Nancy Pelosi appoint herself president. Then she can magnanimously step down and hand the presidency over to Biden, who the mainstream media has all been telling us we all wanted all along,” concluded Knight.