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Article – Navy SEAL Tells How To Counter Antifa Tactics



Bracken warns,  “You have to take an overall neighborhood defense plan outlook.  You can’t defend one house from the mob, that’s just not possible.  Now is the time to start organizing your neighborhood.”

On 9/29/2020’s show, David Knight interviewed former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken on home defense, vehicle defense and details of Antifa mob tactics.

“We’ve been talking about the looting from the top down [unconstitutional lockdown and destruction of jobs and businesses] and how the second wave of looting and lockdown is coming.  We’ve had a lot of violence in the streets, a lot of businesses burned down.  It seems to be escalating as we’re approaching the election.  In my opinion, It appears that both parties are campaigning for chaos and a ‘no determination’ outcome more than they’re campaigning to win.  They’re campaigning for uncertainty and chaos and I think that’s exactly what they’re going to get.  What can you do to prepare for that violence?  I can’t think of anyone better to talk about that than Matt Bracken,” said Knight.

Bracken continues,  “Now is the time to start looking around your neighborhood.  Get out, go on walks. I have a mountain bike I use to go all around my neighborhood.  You’ll be able to find out who your allies are.  When you see the guy with the Marine Corps flag mowing his lawn, make a little face time with him.”

“When these riots start spreading, go on one of the social media things your neighborhood might use, and announce something low key like a neighborhood safety meeting.  Don’t use the word ‘militia’, never use the word ‘militia’.  Emphasize your neighborhood.  We’re not talking about the county forming a posse, it’s just your neighborhood and it’s self-defense.  ‘Militia’ implies that this self-appointed platoon of troops, at whatever level of training they have, is going to go anywhere in your county or state to confront whatever risks they see.”

Knight comments,  “You’re right, ‘militia’ is a red flag word for these people.  It’s wrongly discredited, but it’s something that they’re going to use to come after you.

Bracken continues,  “The hard part right now is finding and forming the group.  I suggest getting out, being seen, learning who some of these guys are.  You can tell by their flags, bumper stickers, and their yard signs.  Then when there’s a break-in or home invasion nearby post on social media that you want to have a neighborhood safety meeting.  Schedule it in some public place where you don’t need a permit.  Maybe 8 or 10 people will show up, and that’s ok, those people will form the nucleus.  The goal is to stay ahead of the escalation of violence and not be caught back on your heels.  When there’s riots in your town you’ll have 50 or 80 people showing up and the 10 original people can pass out pamphlets with your ideas that will be readily accepted.”

“The goal is to turn your neighborhood into a self-declared gated community instead of everybody hiding behind their door trying to guard their little house.  In America what they call a stick-built house is basically a roman candle waiting for a molotov cocktail.  The only way to defend your house is to keep people out of your neighborhood,”  said Bracken.

“The other trick that the Antifa BLM guys are using is they’ll take the high-altitude pyrotechnics, instead of dropping it down a mortar tube so the first charge throws it 1,000 feet up, they just light it and use it as a grenade.  That, inside a car or a building, is an explosive pyrotechnic incendiary grenade.  A civilized country would say they have no civil right to do that.”

Knight responds,  “That’s right and I think it would be easy to make a case for that in court if you have to defend yourself.  We saw the overhead footage of what happened in L.A.  The people in that Prius were being attacked by a mob, as they tried to drive away the mob had people in cars ready to chase them.”

Bracken replies,  “The tactics that you see used against that Prius, where they’re just attacking it with skateboards, as it escalates it could be throwing a pyrotechnic explosive, meaning a 4th of July firework, into that car.  That’s deadly.  These are burning metals, it’s white phosphorus, it’ll embed in your skin and keep burning.”

“People need to be thinking defensively about driving.  Fortunately, in the state where I live Governor DeSantis is trying to get a law passed that would make it a felony for a mob to block a public highway.  Anyone who feels threatened by the mob can drive through it with no repercussions.  This puts the onus back where it should be, on these revolutionaries who are taking over public streets to block law-abiding citizens.”

“We live in a high trust society where the infrastructure is just laid open.  You can’t plan for the grid and food distribution system always working.  If this becomes a civil war different groups will start plinking at 18 wheelers to hijack them.  It can happen very very fast.  We saw in Yugoslavia, almost first-world cities like Sarajevo went to no power and no food distribution in a matter of weeks and lasted that way for more than a year.”

Bracken reiterates,  “This is now the time to start thinking about it.  Don’t be behind the power curve, always being shocked, dazed, and paralyzed because you didn’t anticipate this coming to your neighborhood.  Get ahead of it.”

Knight concludes,  “That’s what 2020 has been, hasn’t it?  So many people are just deer in the headlights.  They can’t believe that things have degraded this quickly but it’s about to accelerate as we come to the end of the year.”