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Article – Societal Chaos: Here’s The Solution Not Found In The Debates



What is fueling the escalating hatred and chaos in America?  The country is split into factions who agree on nothing but the shared illusion that we need Washington to solve our problems.

But, you may say, I want the Federal government OUT of my life and the only way to do that is to put politicians who favor limited government in power.  That idea is probably the most absurd illusion.

Human nature and experience show that it is rare that politicians who campaign to limit government really mean it.  The few that do, quickly find themselves locked out of any input to the system.  Think Ron Paul or Walter Jones.

Power is never given and never given back.  It is only taken. So how do we take it back?

David Knight reports,  “It’s Wednesday, September 30th, day 198 of America held hostage.  We’re locked down, waiting for our tests, vaccines, and the government’s permission to live our lives.  Are you sick of this yet?”

“I saw nothing in the debate last night to give me any hope that either side is going to do anything to stop this.  Instead, they’re both rushing headlong into this insanity,” continues Knight.

“Do you really want Washington to try to fix everything that’s wrong in America?  Here’s a story of some farmers in North Dakota who harvested 1,000 acres of a neighbor’s crops after the man suffered a heart attack.  He was working in the field when his combine caught fire, as he was trying to put the fire out he had a heart attack.  He’s now in the hospital in serious condition.  Farmers in the area got together and harvested his field while the farmer’s wives filled a freezer with a month’s worth of meals for them.  THIS is why we don’t need those clowns you saw last night to run our lives.”

“Understand that [politicians] are the ones that need help.  We only need help getting them out of our lives.  I am so sick and tired of the politicization of everything.  I’m sick of both the radical left and the MAGA cult thinking that their salvation and their lives depend on who’s in the White House.  Get out of your house and live your life, don’t beg them for permission.”

“These people don’t produce anything.  It’s people like those farmers who produce food and families and live their lives.  Let them be your example, not those clowns you saw in the debate.”

“So many issues go unsaid.  I got the transcript and did a word search to see if some of these things were talked about.  I looked at it from a different perspective and searched for topics that I’m interested in.  Guess which words never showed up, ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ were never once mentioned in the 3-hour debate.”

“‘Constitution’ was mentioned twice in the context of the Supreme Court nomination.  Wallace asked Trump if ‘jamming through’ a nominee is an abuse of power.  Trump said ‘I was elected for 4 years, not for 3’.  That’s basically the answer.  Biden said, ‘but the voters need to weigh in on this’.  Let me give Biden and Wallace a clue on this — NOBODY thought RBG was going to make it another 4 years except for RBG herself.  We already voted to replace her with a conservative justice, that was part of the LAST election.”

“I feel like a political oncologist here.  I’m trying to remove this cancer while many people in this country, even though they’re suffering from the cancer, everything they’re doing is making it worse.  They’re just giving them more power over our lives, thinking that the government will fix their lives.”

Knight concludes,  “You have the power to stop the killing of babies.  You have the power to stop the tyranny, the lockdown, the masks, the coming vaccines.  You have the power.  Don’t turn your power over to other people then passively sit and hope they do something about it.”

Roe v Wade ends (and many other unconstitutional mandates] when we end the unconstitutional idea of “judicial supremacy” and the myth that SCOTUS opinions are “the law of the land”.  How do we do that? By enforcing the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution at the state level or even the county level with Sheriffs who obey the Constitution instead of the rules, regulations, guidelines of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.  It’s also how we end the masks, lockdown, martial law, and mandated vaccines.