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Article: It’s The Tests, Stupid



James Carville accurately brushed off Bill Clinton’s impeachment and said he’d be re-elected because “it’s the economy, stupid.”  But Trump’s economy is destroyed by lockdown.  And the lockdown is continued by an exponential increase in testing.  And the “cases” from fake tests have now hampered both the Trump campaign and SCOTUS nomination.  It’s a circular firing squad at the White House.

With an explosion of COVID “cases” at the White House and the upper echelon of the GOP, Trump’s re-election campaign and the confirmation of Barrett are both threatened with anyone testing positive being placed in “time out”.

The Never-Trump media is screaming about “reckless” and lax enforcement of CDC guidelines and “karma” from a cavalier attitude about masks.

Some Trump supporters have suggested there is a conspiracy by the same cabal that tried to engineer a coup against Trump as soon as he won the election.  While the CIA and intel community has a long history of coups and assassination attempts, a simpler explanation may explain the explosion of cases.  More importantly what is happening at the White House threatens to destroy ALL of America, not just Trump and the GOP.

Partisan bias in coverage and criticism is a factor but it doesn’t completely explain it.  Neither do masks or the lack of masks explain it.  Sen Tillis virtue signaled with a mask at the Rose Garden and still tested positive.  Gov “Coonman” Northam mandates masks in Virginia but he and his wife both tested positive.  The media ignored that while it chided and taunted Gov Parson of Missouri for being a mask skeptic and testing positive.

Social distancing doesn’t explain it. Pictures from the “Rose Garden Massacre” or “Super Spreader” event, as the media labels the Barrett SCOTUS speech, highlight people at the event who have since tested positive.  But many who were closer to the President or next to those now “positive”, did NOT test positive.

The White House is religiously following the CDC/Fauci guideline that matters at the moment — TESTING.

Nowhere is there more testing than at the White House.  No one gets close to the President without a test.  Jason Miller, a Trump campaign adviser, was grilled on CNN for the White House not following CDC/Fauci orders.  Miller pleaded they’d been obedient to the so-called experts. “Everyone around him was tested, and still, somehow, he contracted it,” Miller said. “Every time I’m with him, I’m tested about an hour in advance,” Miller added.

Could THAT be the problem?

Will that problem be rolled out to cripple America in another lockdown worse than we’ve seen?

Most importantly, if manic, obsessive testing did not protect Trump and GOP officials, why is Trump pushing out an astronomical number of test kits?

The Trump White House has just authorized the purchase of 150 MILLION rapid test kits at a cost of $750 MILLION.  As these are deployed, America will be locked down with a new “surge”.  The rapid tests will become “health passes” (there’s a free app available from the test manufacturer).  They will be administered, likely on a daily basis, and the results used to grant the privilege of work, travel or school.  A few positive tests will lock down food processing plants, as we’ve already seen, as well as other critical infrastructure.  It is a nightmare scenario that will make “Lockdown, The Sequel” much worst than the original “Novel”.

In past interviews, Trump has accurately described the “problem” of a “surge in cases”. Trump stated the obvious — if you test more people, you’re going to get more “cases”.  What was missing from his explanation was the high false positive rates of both accepted tests.

The newly approved (Emergency Use Authorization by FDA the end of August) Abbott Labs BinaxNOW rapid test has a false positive rate of 93% as the Washington Post explained here: .

The PCR test has a false positive rate of 90% as documented by study of “cases” in 3 states, reported by the NYT here: In spite of the ludicrous inaccuracy of “the gold standard test”, the NYT insisted the answer was to test more even though the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the test explicitly said it should not be used as a diagnostic test.

One might ask WHY both tests are so inaccurate.  The answer is simple and one that I’ve given on my show nearly every day for the past 6 months — the tests are NOT QUANTITATIVE.

ANY presence of ANY coronavirus is magnified by the PCR test and ANY presence of ANY proteins (antigens) “associated” with COVID is magnified by Abbott Labs BinaxNOW.

Size matters.  Without a sufficient viral load, the person is not sick — no symptoms and not contagious.  But the PCR test can’t distinguish one coronavirus from another.  Cold, flu, “novel” — all look the same.  Abbott Labs is not even looking for a virus but proteins “associated” with the virus.  In other words, both quantitatively and qualitatively, they’re nonsense. Which is why they give false positives over 90% of the time.

So where are we in this chapter of the dystopian sci-fi “novel”?  We have a lockdown that was based on the Imperial College of London’s garbage computer model.  The model’s assumptions about spread were nonsense.  The model was implemented in a tangled morass of antiquated FORTRAN code unable to generate the same answer given identical input.

Now the lockdown is being extended and the effects magnified by a test that generates false positives 90% of the time.

They’re experts — of deception.