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Article: Judge Takes Child From Mother For Maskless Facebook Post, Requires Vaccine (That Doesn’t Exist) To Get Child Back



– Florida mother fights for custody of her 14-year-old son because of an anti-mask Facebook post

– passengers got into a brawl on a plane because one passenger wasn’t content with the quality of another’s face covering

– the first automated system to keep people from shopping if they haven’t submitted to the ‘guidelines’ from their masters

The mask madness is ramping up, and it’s exactly what Fauci and the globalists want.

On 10/6/2020’s show, David Knight reports,  “Here’s a very concerning story, ‘No mask, no child custody. COVID-19 is a new factor in family law.’

The despicable South Florida Sun Sentinel editorializes in a supposed news story:  ‘Joseph’s 14-year-old son has asthma, a condition that could put him at risk of contracting COVID-19’.

“They don’t mention in the article the risk of wearing a mask with asthma.  If you have asthma the last thing you’re going to do is put a mask on.  I watched my Dad suffer from that my entire life, I watched him have very very bad asthma attacks.  I had a cousin who died in her 40s from an asthma attack.  This is not a ‘preference’ ” said Knight.

The article reports how the circuit Judge,  “called the mother an ‘anti-mask person’ who had the ‘audacity to brag about it on Facebook.’  So because of that, they took the child away,”  commented Knight.

The article continues,  “Conservatives take issue with the decision, but it illustrates how judges in family court now must consider the health risks of COVID-19”.

The paper tells us, ”judges ‘must’ go along with the narrative,”  said Knight.

Broward Circuit Judge, Dale Cohen, was angered by a maskless selfie the mother posted on Facebook with the caption “No mask for this girl”.  She took the selfie while she was alone in a dentist’s waiting room.  Because of that, the Judge said, in the Zoom hearing,  “When this pandemic is over and there’s no cases and there’s a vaccine … the mother is going to need to get a vaccine as well.  When I have proof that everybody’s safe and the child’s not at risk or danger, then we can talk about a long-distance parenting plan.”

Knight continues,  “We have a fight that’s broken out on a plane over a passenger not wearing a facemask under his face shield.  If you watch the video you can see that the people attacking him are pulling his face shield off and they have their masks down.  This is the insanity and the violence they want to provoke.  We need to resist but we need to do it in a non-violent way.  I think a good protest is wearing a mesh-mask or airsoft mask with a great big grid that you can talk through.  They don’t define the density of the masks.”

“This disgraceful incident was started, first of all, by the ridiculous ‘guidelines’ that came from the Fauci Whitehouse.  Then they’re enacted by the airlines.  Then it’s up to the self-righteous enforcers.  We’ve seen this happening over and over again, people in uniform violating their oath to the Constitution, their oath to respect our individual liberty and due process.  Violating their oath to uphold the law and brutalizing people for the sake of enforcing rules, regulations, and guidelines.  Then you have these people, in this case, the enforcers weren’t even wearing a uniform.  They’ve activated the very worst aspects of humanity with this lockdown, people spying on each other, ratting each other out, and physically attacking each other.  All because they’re not wearing a mask.”

“It’s not going to stop there,’New technology refuses entrance to shops if you’re not wearing a face mask’.  In the video, they have a turnstile that only opens if their camera detects you wearing a mask.  Everything is becoming more and more like a jail.  As I watched what’s happening in schools with all these checkpoints and metal detectors, I said for the longest time, they’re training people to live in a police state.  I just didn’t think I would live to see it.”

“And, of course, their security measures didn’t keep anybody safe.  We didn’t have mass shootings in schools before the checkpoints and police, all that stuff has been irrelevant to safety, if not counterproductive.  Now, going into this store looks like going into a school.  And what are they looking for?  They’re not looking for guns or knives or drugs, they’re looking for face masks.”

“It always starts with something like stopping shootings or stabbings or drugs.  They think they can stop it by creating a prohibition enforced by a police state.  Except it didn’t stop any of those things.  Prohibition doesn’t work, it’s been counterproductive, it’s made the whole drug situation worse and given us a whole host of other issues.  That’s what we’re seeing now with the mask mandates, the freedom prohibition.”

“We’ve embraced the idea that we can use law enforcement and brutality to impose our will on other people.  We’ve embraced the idea that all of our problems need to be solved by government, not only that, by the government in Washington,”  Knight concluded.