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Article: DARPA’s Lean, Mean Gene-Modifying Machine



“National security” has been the universal excuse for government trampling liberty and the Constitution.  It has now been replaced with a new excuse — “public safety”.

But is it really about the public’s safety or is it about the security state more than ever?  From internment camps to DARPA’s ‘espresso machine’ to manufacture DNA altering vaccines, the military’s new mission is “health”

On 10/12/2020’s show, David Knight reports, “Let’s talk about indefinite detention by the military, not here in the US, but by our Five Eyes partners.  In Canada, a member of the Ontario parliament, Randy Hillier, asked some uncomfortable questions about the Canadian government’s ‘call for expressions of interest for contractors to supply, provide, and manage quarantine isolation camps.'”

Hillier noted,  “These quarantine isolation camps are not limited to people with COVID”,  and points out,  “In the RFP it uses clear language to express that these camps can be used for a broad spectrum of people.”

Hillier concluded with a direct question, he asks,  ‘To the Premiere,  where will these camps be built, how many people will be detained, and for what reasons can people be kept in these isolation camps?’

What answer did he get?  “Next question.”

David Knight comments,  “There you go, ‘next question’.  Even if this was solely for ‘the novel’, wouldn’t it be nice to know what their plans are?  What are the conditions for being detained?  Even in authoritarian Australia and New Zealand, they’re clear that you’ve got to stay there for 10 days, and if you don’t take the test they’ll make you stay there for another 10 days.  It’s voluntary, of course, if you want to get out you have to take the test.”

“That’s what’s going on in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Is it going to happen here?  You bet your life.  Why else would the Trump administration be rolling out 150 million tests?” said Knight.

“Here’s a headline from FOX: ‘DARPA gives Moderna $56 million grant to build an ‘espresso machine’ for COVID-19 response’.  Moderna has been in existence for 10 years, they have never produced a product.  Let me repeat that, they have NEVER produced a product.  They’ve produced a narrative that they’ve used to sell shares on Wall Street.  This company who’ve done nothing but create narratives is the perfect company to run the narrative for the COVID novel.”

“Moncef Slaoui was on the board of directors for Moderna, then after he was made vaccine czar he said ‘this Moderna stuff looks really good’.  When their stock jumped up people questioned if this was a conflict of interest since he had millions of dollars worth of stock options.  So to make sure there isn’t a conflict of interest he sells his stock options while they’re up and makes a cool $10 million profit in one day.  The Inspector-General has now said that it’s not a conflict of interest to have the people who are going to be profiting from this making the decisions in secret.”

“DARPA is giving them $56 million to fund their ‘Nucleic Acids On-Demand World-Wide, NOW initiative’.  So what is nucleic acid?  Well, it’s DNA and RNA, they call it nucleic acid so people don’t freak out.  Genetic material to be manufactured on demand.  These containers that FOX calls ‘espresso machines’ would allegedly be capable of producing hundreds of doses every few days.”

“This is something that these people have been plotting for years, Francis Collins, Moncef Slaoui, Anthony Fauci, and others.  Now they’ll be able to rapidly create new vaccines for any kind of new biological weapon they fund and create in their labs.”

They say the grant will  “enable fast, in-field, automated manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics for both military personnel and civilians around the world in a container that can be deployed rapidly.”

“Here’s the problem with Operation Warp Speed — most of the people running this program are part of the military.  A part of the military that’s never been involved in medicine.  DARPA, an advanced weapon research is funding an ‘espresso machine’.  Isn’t that nice?  You just push the button and get your nucleic material, DNA and RNA, to inject into people.  No problem at all right?  Folks, this is a weapon.  It’s being funded by the military, developed by the military, distributed by the military.”

“If it looks like a weapon, sounds like a weapon, smells like a weapon, it’s a weapon,” concluded Knight.