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Article: CNN Says “No Going Back to Normal”; Why Are Only “Five Eyes” Countries Escalating Tyranny?



Mainstream media is telling you “There is no going back to normal”, you just have to get used to the restrictions placed on your life and liberty. “The sooner we accept that, the better,” writes CNN.

At the same time, many western countries are doing exactly that — going back to normal.  Denmark is lifting what restrictions they had and others, like Sweden, never had them to begin with.  So why is the same virus so much different in the countries that are part of the Five Eyes alliance?

Who wants to keep the lockdown going and why? David Knight compares how real news media reports on returning to normal to how CNN pictures our future.

In a story titled “Denmark Heads to Pre-COVID Normality:  No masks, no social distancing in schools, just common sense”, 21st Century Wire writes;  “One of the more diabolical aspects of the protracted COVID ‘crisis’ in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, is the intellectually dishonest claim that Coronavirus in their countries is somehow different from the Coronavirus in other western countries.”

Knight remarks,  “Focus on that, it’s different in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Why are we so much more authoritarian in these countries?  Countries that have a long rich tradition of English common law, of due process, liberty, and republic forms of government.  Why?  Because these are the countries that are part of the Five Eyes alliance.”

“Look at what’s happening to speech, what’s happening with the controls being put in place on the internet.  Look at the corralling of everybody onto cyberspace as part of this ‘Smart Cities’ agenda.  That is all the hidden hand of the military-intelligence complex,”  said Knight.

“Do you think the Chinese want this as badly as the military-intelligence complex here in the United States does?  They all want this.  Just because they fly an American flag and work out of an office in Langley or the Pentagon doesn’t mean they support American values and it doesn’t mean they aren’t already at war with the American people.”

“I’ve called it the ‘OCD culture’, 21st Century Wire calls it the ‘hypochondriac culture’.  The relentless regime of restrictive, nonsensical, health and safety policies targeted primarily at children and young adults.  One example given in 21st Century Wire’s article is how ‘Many schools are also ordering all primary, secondary and high school students to remain under house arrest at home over their half-term break, supposedly to “stop the spread of the virus.”’  They point out that  ‘All of this is taking place at a time where hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID have dropped to near zero in the UK.  In other words: the ‘pandemic’, if it ever was one, is now over.'”

CNN has an article titled “There is no getting ‘back to normal,’ experts say.  The sooner we accept that, the better”.  CNN begins by saying  “As 2020 slides into and probably infects 2021, try to take heart in one discomfiting fact: Things are most likely never going “back to normal.”

Knight comments,  ‘We can’t be like Denmark or other countries.’  Nobody embodies being the mockingbird mouthpiece of the military-intelligence complex more than CNN.  Here’s another article from CNN, ‘Pandemic denial: Why some people can’t accept Covid-19’s realities’.  They say, ‘Perhaps it’s nostalgia for the world of January’ but, you know, it’s only bad if you can’t come to terms with it.”

CNN writes, “Five years’ change in six months” is a common slogan for the pandemic.’

Knight states,  “But really, they’ve had 10 years’ worth of change.  They’ve taken us to their 2030 Smart City agenda in just six months.”