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Fauci Has Been Political for 231 Days, Not 3 Days



“The White House has just said that Fauci is ‘playing politics just 3 days before the election’ because of an interview he gave.  The reality is that Fauci has been playing politics for the last 231 days, they’ve only just now noticed.”  said David Knight on 11/2/2020’s show.

“He and others, like Mike Pence, locked us down and have been incentivizing keeping the lockdown going.  They’ve been doing it passive-aggressively to keep plausible deniability.  They can say, ‘it’s not us, it’s those governors, we just gave them guidelines, recommendations, financial incentives, and executive orders.”

“Fauci says, ‘The US is in for a whole lot of hurt.’  Yeah, we are.  We’re headed for ‘Dark Winter’ 2.0.  Fauci continued, ‘as you go into the fall and winter seasons with people congregating at home indoors.’  Well, we can’t have that.  Go to your room and put on your mask.  We don’t even want you celebrating with your own family.  The Fauch who stole Christmas says ‘you couldn’t possibly be positioned more poorly.'”

Knight continues,  “So the President criticized some of Fauci’s advice and accused him of being a Democrat.  Of course he’s a Democrat, just look at how long he’s been in the bureaucracy and who he hangs out with.”

“White House spokesman, Judd Deere, criticized Fauci saying, ‘He knows the risks today are dramatically lower than they were only a few months ago.'”

Knight remarks,  “See the problem is when a politician buys into a lie they’ll never admit that they did the wrong thing, instead they’ll give you another lie.  If somebody else creates a false narrative with a lie then you just create another false narrative with your own lie.”

“Scott Atlas is the only one to speak out about this, including Pence.  Fauci criticized Atlas saying ‘I have a real problem with that guy.  He’s a smart guy who’s talking about things that I believe he doesn’t have any real insight, or knowledge, or experience in.’  Fauci, who told us we didn’t need masks because they wouldn’t work for this.  Then when it became politically expedient for keeping the lockdown in place, he told us we needed them.”

“In 2005 Fauci’s organization recommended HCQ, then he pretended he didn’t know anything about it.  Now he’s pretending that he doesn’t know anything about the risks of this adenovirus, ignoring the studies that link it to AIDS.  Fauci pushed that Imperial College of London lie that said that 2.2 million people were going to die.  The lie that was based on a false assumption that every person will transmit it to 2 or 3 people forever.  When they mention a curve, they’re talking about Farr’s Law which every pandemic follows but which wasn’t factored into their model.  It wasn’t a curve, it was a straight line going up forever.  Farr’s Law has been there since 1840, it’s epidemiology 101.  Then they implemented the broken model into a FORTRAN program that couldn’t get the same answer twice.”

“This is the man trying to criticize Scott Atlas.  Unbelievable.”

“But of course, Atlas had to apologize.  CNN reports that Atlas ‘apologizes for interview with Russian propaganda network’ because he went on RT.  CNN is a propaganda network for Soros and the Democrats.  They call RT propaganda?  RT is a lot more objective than CNN is.  It’s sad to see that Atlas apologized for interviewing with them.  Why should he have to apologize for free speech?”

“This is where we are, you have to apologize for interviewing with anyone who isn’t an establishment media figure.  This is how we got into this situation, how they were able to roll out this propaganda Blitzkrieg.  It’s an information war and they used their monopoly to push this novel, this narrative of lies, around the world very rapidly.  One of the ways that happened is by saying that you can’t have interviews with certain organizations.”

“An Oxford epidemiologist professor spoke out against the lockdown.  Talking about the backlash she received, she said, ‘I expected debate and disagreement about our ideas.  But instead what I got was vilification, hatred, and hysteria.”

Knight concludes,  “I think this is the most insidious thing that’s happened over the last four years, and it happened two years ago.  Nothing was done about the major purge of Infowars.  Now, when a major group of woman Trump supporters was purged off of Facebook Trump spoke out.  It would’ve been good if he had started at the very beginning to fight for the principles of free speech, but he didn’t, and this is where we are now.”