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Bureaucrats Plan Coup In Zoom Meeting While Calling The Election A Coup. They Are The Real Government.



“We have a clip of a group of federal employees strategizing in a Zoom meeting about how they can stage a coup against President Trump if he wins the election.  How they can use their power within the bureaucracy to sabotage elected officials,” said David Knight.

“They’re calling Trump’s election a coup while they’re strategizing on an outright coup against the election.  These people believe that they’re the real government, and frankly, they are.  They can overthrow Democrats as well as Republicans.  This is the key thing that needs to be reformed.  They’re bragging about how they’re going to shut down whatever happens with the election from within the bureaucracy.”

“Biden said he doesn’t need your vote to get elected, I guess he needs you to vote for him after he’s elected.  The bureaucrats in this Zoom meeting have a plan to do exactly that.  It gives you an insight into how these people have been operating.  Their overruling of elected officials has been going on for quite some time.”

“Obviously, both parties have handed over the power of Congress and the Presidency to the Supreme Court for decades now.  But they’ve advocated their power in an even more important way.  They create a program then hand it over to an agency and let them flesh out the details.  Like when Pelosi said ‘we’ve got to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it’.  But the bureaucrats aren’t happy enough with that, so they’re talking about how they can take more power.”

One bureaucrat in the Zoom meeting, Maria Stephan, can’t suppress a smirk as she says,  “President Harry S. Truman famously said, ‘I thought I was the president, but when it comes to these bureaucrats, I can’t do a damn thing.’  So the bottom line is we all, as ordinary people and federal workers, have power.”

“If masses of people engage in non-cooperation, no ruler can stay in power,” continued Stephan.  “Bureaucracy is a really powerful pillar and federal workers have unparalleled familiarity with the bureaucratic process.  They know how to speed things up, they know how to slow them down.  They have access to critical information about policies that are being considered and implemented.  They can participate in internal decision making.  They can provide or deny knowledge and expertise that those at the top of the bureaucratic totem pole need,” said Stephan.

Stephan then talks about “the range of different tactics”.  Specifically, she talks about “acts of commission” such as “leaking” and “creating parallel structures of self-organizing units within the office or workplace”.  Then she also talks about “acts of omission” such as rejecting loyalty oaths, presumably this includes anything like an oath to the Constitution.  Other acts of omission she mentions are “going slow” as well as “strikes and walk-outs”.

Knight remarks,  “One of them says that, ‘as a lawyer, I’ve got to advise you that if we strike we could lose our jobs’.  But that’s about the only thing they could lose their jobs for right?  Openly strategizing about staging a coup against our elected officials isn’t grounds for dismissal.”

Knight concludes,  “This mess in Washington is why I say we have to focus on rebuilding our community from the bottom up.  Because you’re not going to find any hope from that hopeless quagmire.  The swamp brags about how they’ve drained the power from every president from Truman on.  The election is going to be a fight, but the real fight is what you’re seeing with these bureaucrats.”