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Biden Talks “Flurry of Executive Orders” — Lockdown Depends on 13Mar E.O. of National State of Emergency



“‘Biden is planning an immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump’s policies,’ reports the Washington Post.  So what is he planning to do?”  Asked David Knight on 11/9/2020’s show.

“He’s going to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, which we were in up until the day after the election.  Legally, we’ve never been in the Paris Climate Accord.  Obama said it was ‘self-ratifying’, that’s not what the Constitution says but we’re in a post-Constitution America.  Even though the Senate has to be the one to ratify treaties.”

“President Trump appointed a Secretary of State who was supportive of withdrawing, then Trump kept him from doing so for six months.  Trump said we were getting out, but until he formally declared it, these people were operating under the pretense that we were a part of it.  He didn’t formally declare it until after the election.  Did he think that all these ‘orange man bad’ people would vote for him if he stayed in the Paris Climate Accord?”

“The Washington Post goes on to say that Biden ‘will repeal the ban on immigration from many Muslim majority countries.’  Let’s understand what the ‘Muslim ban’ is: There are 50 predominantly Muslim countries, Obama went to war with 5 of them.  Blocking immigration from Venezuela, North Korea, and those 5 countries that we were at war with is what constituted the ‘Muslim ban’.”

“Then they say that Biden will ‘reinstate the program allowing dreamers.’  Here’s a newsflash for the Washington Post, that never stopped.”

“Trump said he was going to stop the dreamer program and they told him ‘you have to ask the Supreme Court’.  No, he didn’t, it was an Obama Executive Order.  Biden is going to have a ‘flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump’ and they’re excited about that, but Trump wasn’t allowed to reverse Obama’s executive order?  He waited and waited for the court and they told him he couldn’t end it because they didn’t like his motivations.  What?  It doesn’t matter what his motivations are, he’s the President, he can make an Executive Order.  He didn’t because he didn’t want to take the political heat so he used the Supreme Court to slow-walk this.”

“No one is even going to talk about going to the Supreme Court for Biden to get permission for his Executive Orders reversing Trump.  There won’t be any ridiculous rulings from the Supreme Court that the sitting President can’t reverse orders from the previous one.  That’s the way it works.  The sitting President can even reverse orders that he himself put in place, like the March emergency order from Trump.”

“Then the Washington Post says,  ‘Biden is planning to set up a coronavirus task force on Monday, in recognition that the global pandemic will be the primary issue that he must confront.'”

“He’s going to lock us down forever if Trump doesn’t open this up, he has at least 72 days.  If Trump would stop his State of Emergency Executive Order, these governors would lose the legal justification for their mandates and orders.”

“We just had the Republican Governor of Utah creating new mandates.  This isn’t a Republican-Democrat thing, this is a litmus test for where these people truly are.  We have both Republican and Democrat governors extending their emergency mandates past the limit in their state constitutions.  How are they justifying it?  It’s all predicated on the Executive Order Trump signed on March 13th declaring a National State of Emergency.  That’s the basis for which this fraud is perpetuated and there are only 13,000 views on its federal registry page.”

“As of yesterday, the Republican Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, has put the entire state under a mask mandate, prohibited social gatherings, and put a $10,000 fine on anyone who organizes a protest.  In his announcement, he says this is ‘until a vaccine is available’.”

Knight concludes,  “We’ve been under martial law because of the State of Emergency.  The Executive Order from these governors and the ‘orders’ from the health bureaucrats are all predicated on the National State of Emergency.  You need to tell Trump that you want to support him but you need him to support you, and the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  My life is essential, not just your office.  This ‘non-essential’ stuff makes me so angry and it should make you fighting mad.”