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Why are Great Reset elites concerned about public’s anger? What is their scheduled date for completion?



“People are now noticing the globalists talking about the great reset in a way they’ve never noticed before, possibly because Justin Trudeau is now using that slogan.  It’s the same slogan that Joe Biden is using, ‘Build Back Better’.

“We should pay attention to both the fourth industrial revolution and the fourth turning.  All these things are tied together. The UN Agenda 2030 is the Great Reset, the fourth industrial revolution is the fourth turning.”

“Destroy everything and build it back better, that’s the whole point.  They’re taking society to the ground to build their new society by 2030,”  reported David Knight on 11/17/2020’s show.

A plan without a schedule or timeframe is just a wish. A goal always has a date attached. The globalists DO have a date by which their new society will be complete.

“It’s interesting that nobody is talking about 2030, because that’s the timeframe.  These people have a plan, they have a time schedule, they know how to get things done.  We ought to pay attention to that.”

“Klaus Schwab gave a speech a week ago talking about the Great Reset and the ANGER it will cause.”  So it begs the question, “why would we be angry about that if it’s in our best interest?  He knows that what they’re planning on doing is going to destroy our lives.  He knows ‘there’s going to be a lot of anger’ against their ‘stakeholders’.”

“These people always talk about ‘stakeholders’.  What is a ‘stakeholder’?  It’s kinda like a shareholder except these people don’t just hold shares in a particular company, these people own EVERYTHING.”  As they bragged in the videos they (Davos) produced, “you will own nothing.  You will have no say.  Whatever they allow you to own will be delivered to your prison, your 200 square foot micro-apartment in a mega-city.”

“I’ve shown the Pentagon’s projections for this.  They predict a hell on earth where all these different demographic groups fight with one another in a massive mega-slum where nobody owns anything.  That’s why Schwab is concerned about the anger.”

In his brief campaign for President, ”Bloomberg gave a speech where he attacked farmers in a degrading way.  Everybody was talking about that, myself included, until I looked at the full speech.  I still haven’t heard anybody talking about what the central point of the speech was.  He’s talking about the fourth turning, the industrial revolution, the UN’s 2030 Agenda.”

“Bloomberg was comparing how we used to be an agrarian society, then factories replaced that, and now AI is going to replace them both.  The speech was him saying, ‘we’re the smart people, we’re going to put all these people out of work and need to figure out how to pacify them so they don’t come after us with guillotines.’  The same anger Schwab was talking about.”

“The virus isn’t something they manufactured in a lab, it’s something they manufactured at the UN, it’s called the 2030 Agenda.  It was modeled for us by the Chinese and we all foolishly adopted it.”

“This DNA modifying vaccine also ties into their transhumanist agenda.  I mentioned last week how they want to do a physical reset as well.”

“It’s hard for regular people to understand how criminal and evil other people can be.  That’s one of the reasons people like Ted Bundy can get away with what they do.  No one can believe that someone who seems nice and friendly can have that kind of a dark side to them.”

“Secondly, it’s difficult to understand how sophisticated and powerful their technology is.  When you talk about what these people are doing, most people dismiss it as sci-fi fantasy.  It’s frightening some of the stuff I’ve seen.”

“If you can’t believe their nature and you can’t believe their technology it makes us very vulnerable,”  continued Knight.

In his statement a week ago, Schwab said, “As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase.”

Knight comments,  “What’s that called?  It’s not just Minority Report, let’s take it out of the realm of sci-fi, it’s called ‘Activity-Based Intelligence’, they do it all the time.  It’s called ‘Geospatial-Intelligence’ and ‘Human Domain Analytics’ and they’re doing it all the time.  This isn’t science fiction, it’s our current reality.  Companies like Palantir were created to do this type of thing.  Activity-Based Intelligence is something the Military does abroad and it’s something law enforcement is already doing.”

“‘Mastering the Human Domain’ is what they say they want to do.  In his monolog straight out of a Bond movie, Schwab continued, ‘Even crossing a national border might one day require a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.’  This is what these people are rolling out and they’re going to use the fear of the virus to push this through,”  concluded Knight.