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Article: The Political Mask



More doctors are standing up to Fauci’s lies despite reprisals we’ve seen taken on doctors who’ve spoken against the mask mandates in the past, such as the White Coat Summitt.  Even the CDC’s own studies show the ineffectiveness of the masks, yet few seem to care.  REMEMBER: the only way this will end is if the people stop it.

“CDC study shows that 88% of COVID ‘cases’ were people who often or always wear masks.  Their tests don’t actually test anything, but since we’re basing everything in society on them, how do the tests match up with the mask mandates?  Because that’s what science is, you have a theory then you take measurements to see if they support your theory.  People were asked about their use of masks for the 14 days before they tested positive, 6 people (3.1%) said they never wore a mask, another 6 said ‘rarely’,  11 (7.2%) said ‘sometimes’, 22 (14.4%) said ‘often’, and 108 (70.6%) said ‘always’.  In other words, 88.7% of people who tested positive wore a mask ‘often’ or ‘always’,” reported David Knight on the 10/13/2020’s show.

“In Kentucky, the democrat governor there, Andrew Beshear, said ‘businesses that serve customers not wearing masks face the possibility of being fined and shut down for a period of time from the state level.’”

But the mask is purely political.  Look at the difference in the way reporters reacted about violations in mask etiquette based on party.

Knight continues,  “These people don’t believe their own propaganda.  When Joe Biden wanted to cough he pulled his mask down to do it.  That makes sense, you don’t want to have a dirty face diaper on.  The press core that was there didn’t freak out about Biden but they did freak out when Mark Meadows came to talk to them.  In the video, Meadows walks up to the microphone and they tell him to get back, even though he has a mask on,  so he pulls back and they’re still shaking their heads.  He says ‘I’m more than 10 feet away’ but they still have a problem so he just walked away.”

“Somebody from China said they’ve come up with a better mask design, they’re talking about how superior their design is to N95 masks.  They talk about how it’s structured then they have a table comparing their mask’s protection to the N95’s against different threats.  In the table, they have ratings or percentages but when it comes to microbiological protection the rating is just ‘OK’.  Their table also compares ‘General Surgical Masks’ which they say don’t provide any microbiological protection.  They don’t even have cloth masks, if they did then every one of the items on their table would’ve just been ‘LOL’.”

Dr. Lee Meritt, an orthopedic spinal surgeon who served 10 years as a military surgeon and was a part of a congressional committee that looked at medical technology for the military, said “I researched bio-weapons, all sorts of stuff, and masks.  I’m going to tell you, in my entire professional career, I never heard anybody actually believe that any kind of masks, short of a level 4 containment suit, made a difference to small particle viruses.  In fact, the CDC itself just published an article in May saying exactly that.  You cannot contain influenza with these masks and that’s even larger than this virus.”

Meritt went on to say,  “The actual survival rate this season is 99.991%, it’s actually gone up to probably 99.997 with the new CDC revelations, last year’s flu season was 99.992%.”

Despite her expert testimony before the Omaha City Council, the council still voted to extend their mask mandate.

She says her conclusion is,  “People that are now purporting to scientifically prove that masks work are either being paid or being played.”

Knight concluded,  “You hear that President Trump?  Are you being paid or played?  These are very dangerous precedents that are being set by President Trump for political advantage.  And you’re not going to get anything better from Biden.  So you better speak up and tell Trump you’re tired of being lied to.  You better hold him accountable.”