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CDC Allows COVID-Positive People to Vote in Person



The integrity of our election was a joke.  But it had to be or COVID would spread, right?  They’ve been playing games with mail-in ballots and massive voting fraud all to stop anyone with COVID from showing up at the polls and infecting others.  Then when election day comes, the CDC puts out a statement saying that even if you have COVID you can come out of quarantine and vote in person.  According to the CDC, you don’t even have to wear a mask.

“I stayed in a hotel last night to get a couple of hours of sleep because I’ve been reporting on this around the clock.  I got thrown out of two hotels because I refuse to wear a mask.  I won’t wear a mask to check-in or walk through a lobby.  I refuse to wear a mask to live my life, I won’t live my life at their permission.  I will not be tracked or numbered.  I’m a free man.  My freedom comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Our Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, the globalist quisling, has masks on everybody, not just in crazy Austin but throughout Texas.  But Abbott says I don’t need a mask to vote in a crowded polling place.  I have to wear a mask when I enter the empty lobby of a hotel.  A hotel on the brink of bankruptcy without a single person in there except the one person cowering behind the desk, wearing a mask behind a glass shield.  That person has been so scared and gaslighted by Fauci that I have to wear a mask to check-in.  But I can go into a crowded polling place without one because this virus is political, not medical.”

“It’s not just Abbott, the CDC said that people who are sick with COVID can leave quarantine to vote in person, they don’t even require them to wear a mask.  I’m not sick but I can’t walk through an empty lobby without a mask but I could go to a crowded polling place without one even if I had COVID.  Do you understand what a fraud this is?”

“It’s not a threat to our lives, it’s a threat to our liberty.  These people taking away our liberty and property are the real threat to our lives.  The GOP is non-essential.  These people are pied pipers leading us into slavery.  All this talk about making America great again, except they don’t know what made America great.  What made America great was liberty based on Christian principles of dignity and freedom.”

On 11/4/2020’s show, David Knight reports,  “It is day 233 of America locked down but now that the election is over we can stop all the gaslighting, lies, and Machiavellian manipulation.  We had to wait till after the election to fire Fauci so cue the celebration!  The vaccines will be halted, their stockpiles destroyed.  We’re going to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all that stuff is coming back.  Right?”

“Just like in the great depression, people were celebrating the election of FDR, it was all going to be turned around.  No, things continued to get worse and worse until the World War.  I think we have both of those things to look forward to.”

“This dumpster fire of an election we saw yesterday was completely because of the lockdown.  President Trump appears to have won, except in Pennsylvania and other places where they’re still going to be getting ballots printed and delivered until at least Friday.  They’ve let the Democrats rewrite all the rules of the election, just like they’ve enabled the Democrats to rewrite all the rules for the rest of our life.”

“This election was totally corrupt, lawless, and detached from reality, just like the rest of 2020 has been.  The reality is that Trump won, despite all this, but they may take him out through other means.”

“Remember a year ago when AOC’s Universal Basic Income was considered a radical crazy idea?  Back then the argument was that it would bankrupt us and turn us into slaves, which is correct.  Now, they’re arguing over the price.  Like they say about prostitutes, we’ve established what they are, except they’re haggling over the price of your slavery,”  concluded Knight.