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Article – Reparations-Lite: Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Blacks



In the COVID “bailout” of small businesses, the “small business” of Planned Parenthood got $80M for the business of killing the small. Wall Street made out like bandits with banks loaning out money to the biggest businesses.

Now Trump is campaigning on another HALF TRILLION dollar bailout, but this time it’s ONLY for black-owned businesses.

Small businesses, seeing little to none of the money alleged to be for them, continue to be killed by the lockdown.  Now 196 days long. 100,000 businesses have been killed by the Fauci White House novel.

The answer to stopping the destruction of the Middle Class it is clear —end the lockdown.  Instead of doing that, Trump’s solution is yet another bailout but ONLY if you’re the right race.

On 9/28/2020’s show, David Knight reports,  “Over the weekend Trump released what he calls his ‘Platinum  Plan’ for Black Americans, which is $500 billion in ‘reparations-lite’.  Every aspect of the Green New Deal has been put in place through this lockdown.  We’ve already had our first taste of Universal Basic Income through the CARES Act.”

We’ve already had a $500 billion government bailout that was supposed to be for small businesses, including black-owned businesses, with PPP.  PPP allegedly stood for the ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ but in reality, it was exactly what PPP has always stood for in the past, a ‘Public-Private Partnership’.

Knight comments on PPP,  “It was rampant with corruption, including $80 million to Planned Parenthood.  Vast amounts of money didn’t go to small businesses, no, the point of all this was to shut down small businesses.  They want to make sure that only the public-private partners survive, the big corporations who are going to push these mandates.  It was to make sure they survive and their smaller competitors don’t, so you have no option other than them”

PPP defined small businesses as any business with 500 employees or fewer – PER LOCATION not per business, leaving nearly every business eligible.  Even Trump’s hotels were counted as a ‘small business’  and received their share of the bailout.

Knight continues,  “The Platinum Plan is going to be loan guarantees Banks are going to channel this money out and make a profit off of it, so bankers are happy about it.  I imagine black businesses are happy about it as well, it’s $500 billion that’s going only to black businesses, as much as PPP had for businesses owned by people of ALL races.”

“I don’t like welfare, I don’t like UBI, and I don’t like communism.  It’s not good for anyone, including the recipients, but I especially hate it when it’s racist.  I hate racist pandering plans from politicians, and that’s exactly what this is.  Trump says ‘we’re going to outlaw the KKK and Antifa’ but he doesn’t say anything about Black Lives Matter. They’re OK. This is cartoon level pandering by Trump.”

“Black Lives Matter isn’t a terrorist organization?”, said Knight.  “You just had a bunch of Trump supporters mowed down by a BLM supporter in his car over the weekend as Trump’s unveiling this plan.  Trump refuses to call them a terrorist organization. They refuse to investigate the Soros connections to BLM. They refuse to stop the lockdown so we can have an in-person election.  They WANT the chaos.”

“I had someone respond to me on Twitter when I criticized Trump saying, ‘give him a break, he’s trying to win the election’.  Winning the election doesn’t mean that the ‘end justify the means’. That’s the communist slogan. Trump swore to uphold the Constitution.  This isn’t just a welfare program.  It’s a welfare program reserved for one class of people.  That’s nothing but reparations.”

“We’ve had 100 thousand business owners who’ve been put out of business by Trump’s lockdown.  And it is Trump’s lockdown, he took credit for it at the RNC, he owned it.”

“People are facing eviction everywhere and the CDC is saying, ‘we will decide when you can evict people and when you can’t’.  This is being put in place by Trump, again overthrowing the Constitution, giving them dictatorial powers.  Why?  To pander to people.

“Rather than fixing the problem by putting out an executive order to end the lockdown, he’ll give authority to the CDC to set rules for when people can be evicted or not.  This is insanity.  This is what happens when you decide the Constitution no longer exists,”  concludes Knight.